Playgroup - Kindergarten


We believe that learning should be fun. Our student are provided with a strong foundation in languages and character in order for them to succeed in higher levels.


  1. Carry out learning based on the National Curriculum developed.

  2. Creating students who have character, character, high strength and competitive strength.

  3. Growing the spirit of Nationalism.

  4. Maximizing children's potential in the fields of language, art and culture.

Our Classes

  • Play group A - min. 2 years old in October (3-days program)

  • Play group B - min. 3 years old in October (5-days program)

  • Kindergarten A - min. 4 years old in October (5-days program)

  • Kindergarten B - min. 5 years old in October (5-days program)

Our Program

  • International atmosphere (children of any nationality are warmly welcome)

  • Age-appropriate and multi-age program/enrichment program

  • Three languages learning program (Chinese, English, Indonesia)

  • Physical education indoor and outdoor

  • Character Development

  • Nature program

  • Computer class

Contact Us:

Playgroup and Kindergarten
0821 3901 3390
Lower Secondary
0896 2991 2516
0813 8236 9177
Upper Secondary
0812 1769 2590
Jalan Manyar Kartika 48, 60118, Surabaya
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