Lower Secondary


Building on the strong language and character foundation, Little Sun School Lower Secondary students are encouraged to think critically about the issues around them and come up with creative solutions in order to prepare them for real-life challenges


  1. Creating a culture of learning for all school members in order to increase the academic and non-academic potential of students to carry out continuous character education, fostering social attitudes of students through example, carry out learning that fosters Exist (Explore, Discover and Invent) in forming learning and innovative schools, carry out religious learning in accordance with the religion and beliefs of students and carry out national and religious holidays.

  2. Provide a curriculum that addresses future needs through the application of three languages ​​(Indonesian, English and Chinese) as a school specialty implement English day, Chinese day and Indonesian day, implement learning activities through various models and learning methods, and prepare students so that they can pass 100% of the school exams and national exams.

  3. The compilation of one and two document books as a guide in the process of developing the school curriculum.

  4. Carry out the habit of being polite to each school member and respecting each other's differences between school members.

  5. Implement transparent and accountable school-based education management.

  6. Carry out learning activities that are in accordance with National Education Standards.

  7. Creating a school environment that is comfortable, safe, leafy and clean.

Club Activities

  • Performing Arts (Music, Vocal, Dance)

  • Sports (Basketball, Futsal, Badminton, Table Tennis)

  • Chinese Culture (Wushu, Calligraphy, Traditional Chinese Dance, Chinese Chess, Chinese Painting)

  • Innovation

  • Journalism

  • Academic Enrichment classes

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